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About Us

Titus Single Parent Mentoring is a community based charitable educational program located in Los Angeles County.  The purpose of Titus is to provide mentoring, support programs, and educational workshops to single parents, and their children.  It is our goal to bridge gaps of differences between parents to ensure that their focus is on the wholeness, safety, and well-being of their children. 

It is our mission to assist with providing single parent households with:

  • Regularly scheduled mentoring, support, and educational workshops at an affordable rate or at no cost

  • Mentoring programs/workshops that are morally base

  • Programs that teach single parents and their children to be financially responsible

  • Academic supplemental programs

  • Parenting and child safety programs

  • Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention programs

  • Programs  that teach single parents  and children to be responsible in their decision making

  • Mentoring programs for the youth in the program to ensure that they grow to be morally sound, academically prepared, and that they embrace a wholesome character

  • Resources on our website to local, state, federal, and private support programs that have been researched and found to be beneficial

  • An opportunity to apply for summer camp and college scholarship funding after consistently and successfully completing our workshops

Through the support of local, state, and federal agencies, as well as private businesses - Titus Single Parents Mentoring receives funding for single parents and their children to attend workshops, camps, and other character building events at an affordable rate or at no cost.  Funding from these organizations also serve to assist many children, who under most circumstances would not have the opportunity due to their single parent’s budget constraints, attend specialty summer camps or receive educational funding. 

For more information visit us on the web at: www.titusparenting.com
or email us at:  titusparenting@yahoo.com



Updated: June 4, 2014


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